Scatterings A : house, bird, junk and art from/for/in the sewing room


A House: a free-standing, Federation cottage in my neighbourhood grips tightly onto a steep sandstone ledge. It still has its original name plate, 'Araluen' in place. 

'Araluen' takes its Aboriginal name from a small town in SE NSW.,_New_South_Wales

Perhaps the original owners struck pay dirt in Araluen NSW during the gold rush and later built their home in Sydney. Unfortunately, I haven't spied any water lilies in the area but there are 'running waters' in an old creek bed which runs underground from Crows Nest to the Parramatta River via Balls Head Bay, where Sydney Harbour meets the River. The creek bed runs under parks and building developments but when you stand in the park after heavy rain you can hear the underground flow of the natural water course.

Now a little further afield to the South Island of New Zealand...... and photos from 2006.

A ....Bird: Albatross (Royal)

The Kiwis have wonderful wildlife and, for the less thrill -seeking of tourists, some great places to see animals in their habitat. Taiaroa Head near Dunedin is a fantastic location. It houses and protects the world's only mainland albatross rookery.

Taiaroa Head Lighthouse and one of the rookeries looking North East 

and .................... just around the corner from 'Araluen' ........

A: Rubbish ........ Assortment

 There is a plethora of positives and negatives about this assortment of 'Household Waste'. I am sure you could add your own '+' & '-' views about this 'licorice all sorts', which appears on our streets twice to 3 times per month. The 'waste' goes out on Sunday and is collected Monday so there are no long term piles of detritus.

Sometimes, when I have driven around the Council pick up area, I have stopped and picked up a variety of things which I either use, give to charity fetes and Vinnies or recycle myself when I have no more use for them. It is quite a Sunday outing and an income stream for many. This pile will most probably be halved by 9am tomorrow morning. Today I don't have the car so I can't take what I think I could reuse ie the two timber pallets, which I would like for the garden. Hopefully, someone takes the 
bookcase and gives it a second life. I know a few schools which could use the chairs. If I get a chance to return before the collectors arrive tomorrow, I'll take another photo and post it.

Hello! Back again......
Barely a dent in the pile
 I passed by this morning, Monday 8 April, at about 11:30am and took the two photos above, which show what will go to landfill! Why can't these people phone Vinnies or the Salvos and ask them to pick up? Those chairs look like standard NSW Education Department furniture. The waste of energy, primary and secondary resources and labour is gobsmacking. 

A: Something for/from/in the sewing room ....

Art: Apple & Afternoon                       

'Champagne Apple', hand blown by my friend, Arthur Zirnsak  & 'Afternoon', a framed painting which I found at Vinnies for the price of 4 cups of coffee.

What does Cinzia have in store for next week?                                                                 


  1. I agree with your ideas about kerbside recycling but it is not allowed here, doesn't stop it though.

  2. Re the junk piling up on nature strips, when we have a collection I get really annoyed when someone goes through it and messes it all up after I have neatly piled it up. Love the Champagne Apple.

  3. Ah, another fan of Albatross! I loved my visit to the same place as you. And we were lucky enough to see an adult coming in to feel the chick, too. You were better than I at the Trash/Rubbish. I couldn't find any!! (at least none I was willing to share in public....)

  4. most interesting post. We only have a hard rubbish pick up once a year. But I do agree with you that more recyling should go on

  5. Hey they went to a lot of trouble to move those chairs from a DET location and now they no longer need them you can't expect them to go to some effort to move them on. Down here we have a few rag and bone men that check the streets and take all of the recycled stuff before councils recycling vehicles come around. The junk pick up truck is the last and so a lot of stuff is actually recycled.